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Maria Montessori's Method

Multi-age grouping is when children are grouped in mixed ages and abilities helping the younger children to learn from the older children and thus, in turn, allows older children to have a sense of self-confidence. We have the toddler class from 13 months - 3 years old, and then the preschool which is for 3-6 year olds.

The environment is arranged according to the subject areas and from simple to complex, concrete to abstract, left to right and top to bottom. This is key in the child's learning as it forms a solid foundation in all the learning areas and for future learning to take place. Children are free to move around the classroom within boundaries. There is no time frame when working with the material.

Maria Montessori said "Teach by teaching, not by correction" instead the child's effort and work is respected. The directress's observe and keep records of children to learn where the child needs improvement.

Materials within the prepared environment are eye catching and appealing to the children. They are strong and all have a built in control of error, which is a key aspect of Montessori philosophy. The control of error allows for the child to see their mistakes and thus they can learn from their mistakes and correct them.