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The Staff

  • Lisa Ritchie

    Position: Principal / Directress

    Lisa is an internationally accredited Montessori directress, and completed her studies in 2013 after spending 11 years in the Engineering field as a Project Document and Data Manager. Her aim is to accurately watch and record all facts of a situation in a prepared environment as they occur naturally and identify the needs of a situation and choose how to respond and fulfil those needs. We serve knowledge through material and adapt teaching style to each child's needs. Maria Montessori conclusion of a teacher is "It's her lot to watch with humble reverence. Day by day, the spontaneous unfolding of the children's lives, seeking always to remove obstacles, both internally and externally, from their path, while she guides with science and sympathy the irrepressible energies of life".

  • Maria De Oliberia

    Position: Directress

    Maria started working in the medical industry where she performed administration and nursing duties for a decade. There after she went into the financial services sector and worked there for over 25 years. However, her dream were always to be a teacher. When Maria retired and she soon began pursuing her life long dream of being an early childhood educator. After qualifying through Modern Montessori in 2016, she finally got to start teaching and live her dream. It has been an over whelming positive experience but she looks forward to the rest of her career as an educator for young minds.

  • Shallom Vhunzai

    Position: Montessori General Minder

    Shallom is one in a million and we are so fortunate to have her working on our team, as nothing is too big for Shallom to handle. She is a hard worker and loves the interaction with children of all ages.
    She has previous working experiences as a trained teacher at City Study Center and MOYA Kids Community College.
    Her passion is children and assists a lot more in the smaller age groups and keeps a watchful eye out during playtime.
    She assists a lot in general care of the children, feeding, playing, cleaning up, changing nappies and has good communication skills with parents and work colleagues.

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